About Me

Hi Everyone,

First I’m just so glad you took the time you read this and get to know me!

My name is Michaela.

I  graduated Florida Academy in Fort Myers Florida as a dual licensed esthetician in 2017 .  I  am  also  pleased  fl  say  I  more  than  passed  my  state  board  exam  with  a  100%  which  matches  how  much  effort  I  put  into  my  work  ethic ! 

Ive  had  the  passion of  aesthetics since  I was  little  doing  makeup and  love  making  people feel good about  themself.  We  should  all  find  the  beauty  in   ourselves  and  want  to  better  ourself  for  the  future !

I  am  continuously  taking  classes  to  expand my  knowledge  of  the  beauty industry and  help my  clients .

Thanks  for  your  support  ❤️